Nth Degree specializes in residential and commercial projects. We’re Certified, Bonded and Insured. Our expertise covers Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment. We can quickly diagnose issues and provide solutions, be they basic service calls or more complex diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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  • Residential and Commercial:

  • Basic service calls to more complex diagnostics and trouble shooting. Residential service, new construction design and install, renovations and retrofits. Commercial service and commercial rooftop units.
    • Heating and Air Conditioning:

    • Furnances and Unit Heaters – tune up, installation, replacement, repairs.
    • Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps – tune up, installation, replacement, repairs.
    • New Construction and Renovations – HVAC-R, Sheet Metal and Duct work
    • Hot Water Tanks – installation, replacement, repairs.
    • Flash Heaters and Boilers – tune up, installation, replacement, repairs.
    • Hydronics - Heating Systems, Air Handlers and In-Floor heating solutions
    • Gas Fitting Services – Gas Fireplaces, BBQ Hookups, Stoves and Dryers.
    • Refrigeration:

    • Walk in Coolers
    • Walk in Freezers
    • Chillers
    • Cold Storage